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Top Remote Companies: Finding Your Dream Job In 2021

Thinking of making the switch to working remotely? You’re not alone. With a wide variety of opportunities out there, it can seem overwhelming choosing the perfect job for you that allows you to work remotely. That’s why we’ve created this guide—to help you find your dream job with one of the top remote companies out there!

We’ve identified the top remote companies in a variety of industries, complete with reviews, salary expectations, and more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a full list of all the best remote companies in 2021 and you can start applying to your dream job!

Ready to take a deep dive into the world of remote working? Let’s go.

The best remote companies offer flexible schedules and great benefits to their employees. According to research by Global Workplace Analytics, the top remote companies are: Amazon, Apple, Dell Technologies, Aetna, TeleTech, Dell, Cisco Systems, American Express, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Wells Fargo. These companies offer some of the most comprehensive remote work benefits, such as full-time telecommuting, partial remote work, job rotations, virtual flextime, and virtual telecommuting, among others. They all offer generous time-off policies and other flexibility options to ensure their remote workforce can remain productive. In addition to those benefits, these top remote companies also provide an extensive range of perks, such as discounts on travel and entertainment, tuition reimbursement, and fitness and wellness programs. In addition, these top remote companies are investing in technology to ensure their remote employees have access to the same workplace experiences as on-site employees. This includes access to the latest applications, productivity tools, and collaboration platforms.

What advantages do top remote companies provide to their employees?

Flexible scheduling, reduced overhead costs, increased productivity, improved work-life balance, and increased job satisfaction; these are just a few of the benefits of working with a remote company. Remote companies offer employees the ability to work when and where they are most comfortable and productive, meaning they can manage their time more effectively and invest more in their employees. Working remotely also leads to increased productivity as there are fewer distractions and employees are able to focus solely on their tasks. Additionally, remote companies provide employees with the ability to work from home or another location, allowing them to better manage their work and personal lives. By allowing employees more autonomy and control over their work, remote companies can foster increased job satisfaction and motivation. Ultimately, remote companies offer a range of benefits that can lead to a more productive and satisfying work experience.

When it comes to finding the right company for remote work, it’s important to look for organizations that embrace the concept and have a supportive and collaborative culture. Look for companies that offer competitive benefits, such as health insurance and vacation and sick leave. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the company is financially stable, has the right technology in place to support remote work, and has strong leadership that understands the challenges of working from home. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure the company is open and transparent about its policies and procedures. Finally, it’s important to make sure that the company actively seeks feedback from its remote team and acts on it. By thoroughly researching a company’s culture and policies, you can ensure that you are making the right decision when it comes to remote work.

What are some of the advantages of working for a top remote company

Flexible working hours, working from anywhere, increased productivity, cost savings, increased job satisfaction, and improved work-life balance are just a few of the benefits that come from working for a top remote company. With the freedom to work when you want, you can manage your own time and work from anywhere with an internet connection. Studies have shown that remote workers are more productive than their office counterparts, and remote companies save on overhead costs, such as office space, furniture, and utilities. Additionally, remote workers often report higher job satisfaction due to the freedom and flexibility they experience. Working remotely also allows you to have more control over your work-life balance, enabling you to prioritize your personal life. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that remote work is becoming increasingly popular.

Remote work has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. From increased flexibility and productivity to lower overhead costs and improved work-life balance, remote work enables companies to attract and retain talented employees, while allowing employees to find the right balance between work and home.

For employers, remote work can provide access to a larger talent pool, allowing them to find the best employees for their team. Additionally, remote work eliminates the need for an office space and other overhead costs associated with traditional employment.

For employees, remote work offers increased flexibility, allowing them to work from wherever they want and whenever they want. This can be especially helpful for those who have a hard time finding the right balance between work and life. Additionally, remote work can help reduce distractions and provide more focus, leading to increased productivity.

Overall, the benefits of working for a top remote company are numerous and can be a great way for employers and employees to find success.

What are the most successful remote companies?

Automattic, Zapier, GitLab, InVision, Toptal, Buffer, GitHub, Doist, Basecamp, and Trello are some of the most popular and widely used software development tools in the world. These tools are designed to help developers create quality software products faster, with less effort and fewer resources. Automattic is a software development platform that offers a wide range of features such as cloud-based hosting, domain management, and plugin development. Zapier is a cloud-based automation tool that helps developers automate tasks and processes. GitLab is a source code management system for teams and individuals. InVision is a digital design platform that helps teams collaborate and bring ideas to life. Toptal is a freelance marketplace that provides access to the best talent for software development projects. Buffer is a social media management platform that helps businesses manage their social media presence. GitHub is a source code repository that enables developers to share and collaborate on projects. Doist is a productivity platform that helps teams get work done faster and more efficiently. Basecamp is a project management and collaboration platform that helps teams stay organized and on track. Lastly, Trello is an online project management tool that helps teams organize and prioritize tasks. With these powerful tools, developers can create quality products in a fraction of the time.

Working remotely for a top remote company can provide a number of benefits that can help employees to achieve their goals and lead a more balanced and successful life. Increased flexibility is one of the major advantages of working remotely, as it allows employees to work from wherever they want and create their own schedule. This can lead to increased productivity, as employees don’t need to commute and can focus more on their tasks. Additionally, working remotely for a top remote company can help to save money, as there is no need for an office space or expensive equipment. On top of all this, working remotely can also help to improve work-life balance, as you can set your own hours and take breaks when needed. Finally, working remotely can lead to increased job satisfaction, as you have the freedom to work on projects that you are passionate about.

Benefit Description
Increased Flexibility Working remotely for a top remote company allows you to work from wherever you want, giving you the freedom to create your own schedule and work when it best suits you.
Increased Productivity Working from home eliminates the need to commute and can help you focus more on the task at hand, leading to increased productivity.
Cost Savings Working remotely for a top remote company eliminates the need for an office space or expensive equipment, helping to save you money.
Improved Work-Life Balance Working remotely for a top remote company can help you to better balance your work and personal life, as you are able to set your own hours and take breaks when needed.
Increased Job Satisfaction Working remotely for a top remote company can help you to feel more connected to your job, as you have the freedom to work on projects that you are passionate about.

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What are the benefits of working for a top remote company?

Finally, working for a top remote company can offer greater work-life balance, higher job satisfaction, and access to unique career opportunities. Those who are looking for freedom, flexibility and a better lifestyle should seriously consider looking for remote jobs with a company that is committed to providing them with a great remote experience.

The trend of remote work is growing rapidly in many different industries and attracting the attention of some of the biggest companies. Technology, finance, media, healthcare, education and consulting are at the forefront of this trend and continue to make progress in advancing their remote work models. For example, technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have been leading the charge on remote work for many years, while Finance companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have embraced the trend. Meanwhile, media companies such as NBC, ABC and CBS have also adopted remote work practices. Healthcare companies such as UnitedHealth Group and CVS Health have also been quick to embrace remote work and educational companies such as Khan Academy and Coursera have also implemented remote systems. Consulting companies like McKinsey & Company and Deloitte are also demonstrating a commitment to remote work as they continue to ramp up remote initiatives.

The trend of remote work is becoming increasingly common, and it’s likely to continue to expand in the coming years. Companies that embrace this trend and invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure will be able to reap the rewards of improved productivity, enhanced employee engagement and a better work-life balance. Those that don’t will find themselves left behind in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Which companies offer the best remote work opportunities

Leading the way in the world of remote work, Automattic, Zapier, InVision, GitHub, and Buffer offer a wide range of roles that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Each of these companies have crafted unique approaches to managing remote work, allowing workers to have the flexibility and freedom that comes with working remotely. From software engineering to customer support, there is something for everyone. Automattic offers remote workers the opportunity to manage their own workload with tools such as Slack and Asana, while Zapier provides a suite of business software to help remote teams collaborate effectively. InVision provides a platform for UI design and prototyping, making working remotely easier and more convenient for designers. For software engineers, GitHub allows for collaboration and code reviews with its built-in version control and project management tool. Finally, Buffer offers remote workers the opportunity to work in social media marketing for a variety of clients. With the rapidly-growing trend of remote work, these companies offer flexible opportunities for talented professionals from all over the world.

Remote work has become increasingly popular in the modern workforce, with companies offering flexible working hours, increased work-life balance, reduced overhead costs, improved communication, and enhanced collaboration among employees. Flexible working hours allow employees to find their most productive and efficient hours for completing their tasks. This also results in increased work-life balance, as employees no longer need to commute for long periods of time and can better manage their work-life balance. Remote companies also have lower overhead costs, which allows them to offer higher salaries and better benefits to their employees.

Remote employees are also typically more productive than those in an office setting. This is due to the lack of distractions and interruptions, allowing employees to better focus on their tasks without the need for constant supervision. In addition, remote companies utilize tools and techniques to ensure a more open and efficient communication structure which leads to improved communication between employees. This also results in better collaboration as employees have the ability to quickly and easily connect with each other and work together more effectively.

Finally, remote companies offer employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere, allowing them to travel and explore new places while keeping productive and contributing to the company’s bottom line. On the whole, remote work offers a wealth of benefits to both businesses and employees alike and is proving to be a viable option for the future of the workforce.

What are the benefits of working for a top remote company?

Working remotely at a top company has quickly become an attractive option for many professionals. Companies of all sizes are benefitting from the advantages that remote work offers, such as increased productivity, cost-savings, improved work-life balance, and increased mental health. With the right tools and mindset, remote workers can be just as successful, if not more so, than traditional employees. Many of the benefits of working remotely for a top company include flexibility, increased productivity, cost savings, improved work-life balance and improved mental health.

Flexibility is one of the primary draws of working remotely for a top company, as it enables the employee to decide when and where to work. With remote work, the employee can choose their own hours and prioritize the tasks that will help them succeed, instead of being tied to a strict 9-5 work schedule. This flexibility also allows for more creativity, as workers can choose the best environment to help spark their creative ideas.

By allowing their employees to work remotely, companies can also reduce their overhead costs. Working remotely eliminates the need for expensive office space and furniture, saves companies money on rent and utility costs, and eliminates the need to commute, thus reducing both costs and travel time.

Aside from the cost-savings, working remotely can also drastically improve the employee’s mental and physical health. Studies have shown that working remotely can reduce stress levels and burnout, as employees do not have to deal with the physical and social demands of a traditional work environment. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is also possible, since employees are now able to work from home and prioritize tasks that help them reach their goals.

As a result, the benefits of working for a top remote company are numerous. From increased productivity and cost savings to improved mental and physical health, remote work provides countless benefits to both employees and employers. If you are looking to reach your full potential, working remotely for a top remote company is a great way to achieve your goals.

In summary, the advantages of working for a top remote company include the ability to create a flexible schedule, increased job satisfaction, improved work/life balance, and lower costs. These benefits make remote employment a great option for those looking to balance their professional and personal life, with added potential for increased productivity and job satisfaction.

What are the benefits of working for top remote companies

Working for top remote companies can offer a number of unique benefits for employees, as well as for the employers themselves. Firstly, remote work offers employees a greater degree of flexibility than what is available with traditional office-based employment. This can include the ability to work from any location, at any time, and to structure their work schedule around their needs and preferences. Additionally, remote work eliminates overhead costs associated with a traditional office space, such as rent and utilities.

In addition to the increased flexibility and cost savings, remote work can also help to increase productivity. Studies show that remote workers are more productive than in-office workers as they experience fewer distractions and fewer interruptions. Additionally, many employees report higher job satisfaction due to the ability to create a workspace that better reflects their personal needs and preferences. Moreover, employees are able to better balance their work and personal lives when working remotely, as they do not have to adhere to a specific set of hours or commute back and forth from a physical office.

Therefore, it is clear that working for top remote companies offers several key benefits, from increased flexibility and cost savings to improved job satisfaction and work-life balance. As a result, employers that offer these types of positions can often benefit from increased employee engagement and productivity.

A healthy and successful remote-work environment starts with an effective company culture. Organizations should strive to create an atmosphere of communication, collaboration, and trust in order to ensure their remote teams feel comfortable and connected. Companies should encourage their employees to stay in touch through virtual meetings, text-based chat rooms, or other digital platforms. In order for remote work to be successful, employees should also feel that their voice is heard and that their contributions are valued. Additionally, companies should ensure their remote workers have access to the latest technology and tools, enabling them to do their best work from wherever they may be.

Having a strong support system and competitive pay and benefits are also essential for remote employee satisfaction. Companies should provide resources that are tailored to employee needs and build relationships that foster trust. Additionally, remote employees should have job security and access to training and development opportunities that enable them to hone their skills and advance in their careers. Lastly, companies should promote a healthy work-life balance among their remote teams by allowing flexible hours, providing access to wellness resources, and encouraging employees to take time off and unplug. By providing these resources and opportunities, companies can help their remote teams thrive.

What qualities should I look for when choosing a top remote company?

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular as it offers numerous benefits, from flexible working hours to competitive salaries. To ensure a positive remote working experience, it’s important to find a company that offers several key components. Firstly, look for a company that offers flexible working hours, so you can work when it’s convenient for you. Secondly, communication between remote employees and their employers should be clear and open. This ensures that all tasks and projects are communicated efficiently, and any queries can be addressed quickly. Thirdly, for successful remote working, technology should be reliable and user-friendly, so that all team members can collaborate and communicate easily. Fourthly, having a supportive environment is essential for remote workers to ensure they feel valued and taken care of. Finally, salary should be competitive to ensure remote employees are capable of thriving professionally. There are a multitude of companies offering these packages, so take the time to research the remote company that best suits you.

Working remotely for a top remote company comes with increased flexibility, lower overhead costs, greater work-life balance, increased productivity, and improved mental health. With greater control over work schedules, employees are able to work when they are most productive and reduce stress, allowing them to be more productive. Remote companies generally require less overhead which can lead to higher salaries and better benefits for employees. Working remotely can eliminate distractions, which can ultimately lead to improved mental health, allowing employees to spend more time with family, pursue hobbies, and take care of personal needs. Table-1 below provides an overview of the key benefits of working remotely in a top remote company.

Table-1: Benefits of Working Remotely

|Increased Flexibility|Working remotely allows greater control over work schedules, enabling employees to work when and where they are most productive|
|Reduced Costs|Lower overhead costs associated with running a business leading to higher salaries and better benefits for employees|
|Greater Work-Life Balance|Eliminates office environment distractions, resulting in better able to manage their own work-life balance, allowing more time with family, pursuing hobbies, and taking care of personal needs.|
|Increased Productivity|Allows employees to stay focused, improving productivity and efficiency.|
|Improved Mental Health|Reduces stress levels, promotes a healthier work-life balance, and improving mental health.|

Overall, working remotely for a top remote company is a great option for those who are looking for increased flexibility, lower overhead costs, greater work-life balance, improved productivity, and improved mental health. For companies, it can also result in lower operational costs and improved employee remote companies_2

Final Words

The Top Remote Companies

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular with companies offering more flexibility and a more efficient, communicative workplace. Here are some of the top remote companies, both established and upcoming:

  • Buffer: An established player in the online collaboration space, Buffer seeks to “storytell” to better engage customers across multiple platforms.
  • Toptal: By focusing on professional development and supporting remote workers, Toptal has grown to be one of the most respected remote companies.
  • Indie Hackers: Created in 2020, Indie Hackers is single-handedly revolutionizing the way that remote businesses operate.
  • Flex Jobs: Flex Jobs offers remote job opportunities for freelancers and employers alike, specializing in different types of roles.

FAQ: Top Remote Companies

  • What are remote companies?
    Remote companies are businesses that allow their employees to work from home or a remote location, instead of working from an office. This type of arrangement offers great benefits to both employers and employees.
  • What are the benefits of working at a remote company?
    There are many benefits to working at a remote company, including increased job satisfaction, increased work-life balance, increased productivity, and cost savings for employers.
  • Why are top remote companies so successful?
    Top remote companies are successful because they provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional office-based businesses. They allow their employees to work from anywhere, anytime, and have the ability to scale up or down as needed.
  • What are some of the best remote companies?
    Some of the best remote companies include Automattic, Buffer, FlexJobs, Toptal, and Upwork. Each of these companies have great reputations and offer unique benefits to their employees.


Remote companies are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more flexible working arrangements. These companies offer great benefits to both employers and employees, and top remote companies are succeeding due to their ability to provide a cost-effective, flexible alternative to traditional office-based businesses. Automattic, Buffer, FlexJobs, Toptal, and Upwork are just some of the best remote companies on the market, and each of them offers unique benefits to its employees.